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Why Household insurance via Kompa?

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Easy like one-two-three!


Choose the best one from the offers that Kompa will present to you in a very clear way.


Together, we confirm your choice and that we have everything that is needed for the policy.


The payment and the delivery of the insurance is completely online in the fastest possible way.

+ You receive a gift with every policy

How we compare?

Kompa uses an advanced algorithm, created by experts which always gives the best policy for you.

You can find offers from 7 insurance companies on our website.

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Compa is a web platform for comparing insurance offers from domestic insurance companies. It provides a quick, easy and understandable way of comparing all available offers, and thus an informed choice and purchase of the policy that suits you best.

Kompa uses digital technology to build a highly intuitive user experience, which guarantees that in less than five minutes you can see, understand and compare the entire offer on the market for a certain type of insurance.

Kompa shortens the time users need to find, understand and compare all the insurance offers relevant to them and their movable and immovable property and buy the insurance online in the shortest possible time. At the same time, Kompa offers its own expertise as help in choosing the most suitable policy, and also informs about current promotions, discounts and benefits when paying current with insurance companies.

Our insurance experts analyze all insurance offers on the market, highlight the most important parameters of each of them and systematize them in an understandable, clear and easily comparable way. At the same time, our developers and UX designers present the offers in a visual way where users can easily see and compare the key parameters of each offer.

In this way, we help users to make an informed decision, supported by a good understanding. At the same time, we help companies to clearly present the benefits of each insurance to users.

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Compa’s services are completely free for users. Additionally Kompa guarantees that the price of the policy taken out through Kompa in any company will never be more expensive than the price of the policy in the company itself. Compa earns on the basis of marketing presentation of insurance products and this in no way affects the price paid by the user, which is never more expensive for Compa than buying from the company itself.
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Compa has several levels of presentation of information to users. The basic level is the cards on which all the key information is sublimated. The second level is the review of all covered risks and insurance items of the policy, together with all their parameters such as limits, exceptions, franchise and validity periods. The third level is the integral conditions of insurance according to which the insurance contract represented by the insurance policy is concluded. Kompa defines the user experience to ensure that users have all the information before choosing a policy.
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